Coaches Training and Licensing

Investing in a coach to benefit the players


ASA encourages all coaches in all programs to be licensed, and attend training that produces one.  As such, ASA will pay for coaching training up to "E" level for any coach within ASA and who is continuing for any additional 12-24 months to coach at ASA.  Reimbursements will be provided at the start of the third season coaching at ASA.  To be reimbursed, Coaches will be required to provide the receipt for payment and a copy of the coaching license to the ASA League Manager.  Courses at "D" or above will be considered upon request submitted to

ASA values its investment in kids, and will invest in coaches to better benefit the players.  Reimbursement for training that is not recognized by the state of Maryland or NSCAA will be considered when it is for the benefit of the club, and only if the coach is already licensed to an appropriate level.  In addition, ASA does not reimburse for facility fees.

License Courses:









multiple per year


YES With Approval

multiple per year

National Diploma

With Approval

As Needed

High School Diploma

With Approval

As Needed


Additional classes can be found at


New Coach Development/U4-U10 (Rec & County):

ASA will hold coaching/training sessions prior to the start of each season conducted by the Vice President of Coaching and Player Development.  All Rec coaches are required to attend the training session and to follow ASA's coaching curriculum located under Important Documents on the ASA website. Any parents volunteering to coach will be supported by the 

Lesson Plans:

All coaches in Rec/Development and County League receive emailed age-appropriate lesson plans weekly through the season.  Sign up is done by ASA and is automatic.

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